01. The American fleet lost 2 small [vessels] in the maritime battle.
02. A [vessel] containing over 50 illegal Chinese migrants has been discovered off the waters of Washington State this morning.
03. Active Pass is often full of sailboats and other [vessels] in summer, making it somewhat tricky for ferries to get through.
04. A number of small [vessels] make the crossing of Georgia Strait between Nanaimo and the Sunshine Coast every year in a day of celebration and fun.
05. Every kind of water [vessel] imaginable floats in the harbor during the Independence Day celebrations.
06. There was a collision between a passenger ferry and a Russian cargo [vessel] a few years ago.
07. Augustus Hare once observed that thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the [vessel].
08. There is a Chinese proverb which states that when a large [vessel] has opened a path, it is easy for a small one to follow.
09. The ancient Vikings used the skulls of their enemies as drinking [vessels].
10. About 1612, early French explorers reported that the Iroquois popped popcorn in a pottery [vessel] with heated sand, and used it to make popcorn soup.
11. A simple, moderately severe sunburn damages the blood [vessels] to such an extent that it takes four to fifteen months for them to return to their normal condition.
12. Each square inch of human skin consists of 19 million cells, 60 hairs, 90 oil glands, 6 yards of blood [vessels], 625 sweat glands, and 19,000 sensory cells.
13. Bruises are caused by broken blood [vessels] under the skin.
14. In the biblical story of Noah, the ark was a large [vessel] that saved Noah's family, along with pairs of every living creature on earth during the time of the Great Flood.
15. Fishing boats, luxury yachts, and navy ships share the waters of Algeria's busiest port with [vessels] carrying goods from around the globe.
16. Head injuries that cause cuts often bleed heavily because the blood [vessels] of the head are close to the skin's surface.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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